St Davids Cathedral (7 Photos)

Some highlights from St Davids Cathedral and Bishops Palace in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Beautiful location!

WalesBlog1St Davids Cathedral overshadowing the Bishops Palace in the background


WalesBlog4Bell Tower



14th century Oak ceiling in the nave of the Cathedral


Beautifully decorated ceiling in the tower

WalesBlog7Reflections (16th century ceiling above the choir & high altar)

‘Maybe he doesn’t see me’ (1 photo)

A very large american crocodile hung around for a long time staring down this turtle (I believe it is a red bellied-cooter?), who continued to sit around on the log. I don’t know what was going through the turtle’s mind -maybe he knew the croc was older and mostly toothless and got cocky, or maybe he figured he hadn’t┬áreally been seen and his best chances were to just hold still. Either way, it worked out for the turtle in the end!